'Happy Endings' Season 3 casting scoop: Matthew del Negro and Kulap Vilaysack cause trouble for Penny and Max

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matthew-del-negro-kulap-vilaysack-happy-endings.jpgIt really is going to be an amahzing year for Penny ( Casey Wilson) on "Happy Endings."

But first she has to get out of bed. Which will be hard to do, considering she begins the season in a full-body cast.

And Max ( Adam Pally) isn't exactly the best caretaker.

"Max is the kind of nurse similar to Kathy Bates [in "Misery"]," Pally told us the ABC comedy's set today (Sept. 18). "I think he enjoys the company and also enjoys Penny not being able to screw up his schemes."

adam-pally-casey-wilson-happy-endings.jpgHe's also enjoying her hot hired help, played by Matthew del Negro ("Rizzoli & Isles").

"It's actually a dark storyline," teases Wilson. "Max literally poisons Penny and then tries to make out with a masseuse."

But you know what they say about karma, which comes in the form of Kulap Vilaysack.

The actress (who costars with upcoming "Happy" guest Rob Corddry on "Childrens Hospital") plays Max's "replacement Penny" when she finally snags a serious boyfriend ( Nick Zano).

"Her name is Nicole, but Max pronounces it 'Nickel' because it's five times as much as Penny," laughs Pally. "She turns out to be crazy."

"Five times as crazy!" chimes in Wilson.

Season 3 of "Happy Endings" premieres Tuesday (a new night), Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. on ABC.
Photo/Video credit: Archive/ABC