'Happy Endings': the scene that was too weird for TV

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Happy-Endings-Xmas-cropped.jpgIf you're not watching "Happy Endings," you clearly need to have your head checked. This show is crazy, weird, funny ... and one of the most entertaining on television. As crazy as this show can get, apparently there is a limit. There was one scene that was a bit to wacko to air for the season premiere.

According to EW, Casey Wilson who plays Penny had a dream sequence where she not only got to act with an older version of herself, but she had a tea party with miniature ponies and sparkles. You read that right.

"Old Penny got down on the ground and ate off plates with them, with her mouth," Wilson told the site. "Like, I was hunched over a table with ponies. As I was doing it, I was like, 'I've been on 'Saturday Night Live.' I've done a lot of sketch comedy, but this is the craziest thing I've ever done in my life.' And those little ponies -- their hoofs and mouths were right in my face and I'm in this old-lady makeup and I had a smoker's voice -- suddenly old Penny had started smoking and turned Long Island. It was craziness. I think it will be on the DVD."

Oh my gosh, we hope so! This is a scene that will haunt our dreams until the DVD makes it a reality. Truly. Sparkly mini-ponies and double Penny? Brilliant.
Photo/Video credit: ABC/Disney