Harold Camping and Family Radio probably love this Iceland volcano eruption

As you may have noticed -- or read in our comprehensive live-blog -- the world did not end on May 21, 2011.

This expected development has lead many to posit that apocalypse predictor Harold Camping, whose Family Radio has led the campaign for the Judgment Day, is about to get his comeuppance.

After littering the United States with foreboding billboards for months, the egg is now very clearly on his face. But at least the day wasn't natural disaster-free. Iceland's most active volcano erupted with several hours left in d-day, and MSNBC reports 18,000-foot plumes of smoke are shooting in the air and prompting 50 small earthquakes.

Well, that's something, Harold! (We jest because there are no reported injuries or fatalities.)

But Camper remains silent. Reuters reports the evangelist's  Family Radio has only played church music and pre-recorded advice programs all day.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images