Harry Knowles defends Christian Bale's ugly outburst?

Ain't it Cool News movie website founder Harry Knowles may have become more a part of the big studio system than we know.

Slyandharry On his website, he addresses Christian Bale's explosive and embarrassing tantrum on the set of McG's "Terminator Salvation," when he reamed out director or photography Shane Hurlbut for disturbing his concentration during a scene.

Harry hasn't written about it until now because, he says, "It isn't news. And it certainly isn't cool news. It is a moment in a man's life taken completely out of context and most likely leaked to personally embarrass Christian Bale."

He knows what many of us are thinking: There's no excuse for a temper tantrum like that to ever occur, and if you are going to act that way, you deserve to be embarrassed by your own actions.

Now comes his insider explanation behind what REALLY happened. Are you ready? But first, Harry reveals his Deep Throat:

"I know this because I happen to be somewhere where someone that was there that day and for the shoot is. And this person isn't a publicist, nor are they invested in Bale's career."

He then calls "young" DP Shane Hurlbut ...