Harry Potter to 'The Vampire Diaries': Hollywood's love affair with teen novels

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teen read opening.jpgIt's "Teen Read Week," a celebration of young adult lit and the joy of reading. Hollywood has  a long love affair with young-adult books -- and it's only been heating up over the last several years. Hit TV shows, blockbuster movies, long-running series and a large chunk of the ABC Family network get their source material from the YA shelves.

Of course, Hollywood doesn't always follow the plot that closely ... and that can mean a beloved book gets a shoddy movie, or a great series rises out of a so-so-book.

Which is which? That's for you to decide: Check out these Hollywood efforts based on teen books, then tell us whether the story translates better on the page or on the screen!
Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros., Disney, The CW, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox