Harry Styles and Taylor Swift kiss on New Year's Eve: The best Haylor fan reactions from Tumblr and Twitter

harry-styles-taylor-swift-kissing-nye-pic.jpg One Direction's Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have been enjoying some time off from touring during the holiday season. They celebrated her birthday in England, they got inked at a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles, they warmed up with hot chocolate after hitting the ski slopes in Utah.

Then, in a completely shocking turn of events that no one could have anticipated, they shared a New Year's Eve smooch as the clock struck midnight. The nerve of these two.

Grainy cell phone pics and shaky video of their kiss spread like wildfire. Horrible, offensive, heartbreaking wildfire.

After spotting some hysterical tweets (including gems from fans who believe Styles is using Swift as a beard to hide his romantic relationship with his bandmate, Louis Tomlinson) we couldn't help ourselves but hit up the "Haylor" tag on Tumblr to enjoy some delicious overreactions to the midnight kiss. It's quickly joining the "Robsten" tag as an all-time favorite.

Some fans wrote letters, using Swift's lyrics to appeal to her sympathies.

haylor-tumblr-dear-taylor.jpgThen there were fans who use Swift's lyrics in a... different way.

haylor-tumblr-revenge.jpgTen points to Hufflepuff for this fan's excellent use of Ron Swanson:

haylor-tumblr-america.jpgA short story about denial and bean juices:

haylor-tumblr-bean-juice.jpg"Their first kiss":

haylor-tumblr-first-kiss.jpgDelusions of grandeur in 2013:

haylor-tumblr-grandeur.jpgA short story about a duvet cover and "Larry Stylinson":

How dare he answer Taylor's calls?

haylor-tumblr-he-left-us.jpgThen there's the he-didn't-want-it angle.

haylor-tumblr-her-fault.jpgA different kind of Haylor:

haylor-tumblr-lautner.jpg"Don't make me pull on ur leash."

haylor-tumblr-leash.jpgWhen in doubt, mob.

haylor-tumblr-mobbed.jpgWell, this one is creative.

haylor-tumblr-reactions-taywhore.jpg"We must use our voices!" Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry fans!

haylor-tumblr-voices.jpgThis one is kind of cute, actually.

haylor-twitter-holding-hand.jpgYes, you're reading that right -- this one has over 1,000 retweets:

haylor-twitter-kiss-cam.jpgA Belieber chimes in.

haylor-twitter-pathetic.jpgOh, the humanity.

haylor-twitter-school.jpgAnd, finally, there are these classy folks: