Harry Styles grabs Zayn Malik's crotch for epic One Direction photo bomb

harry-style-grabs-zayn-malik-heatworld.jp.jpgThose One Direction boys sure have a touchy-feely bromance. And with the amount of PDA they put on, they're pretty near the limits of reclassification to romance.

harry-styles-liam-payne-crotch-grab.gifJust a few short days after  Zayn Malik nearly gave Ohio-based Directioners laryngitis by eating an edible thong off  Harry Styles on stage, Styles returns the favor by grabbing Malik's crotch while the pair pose with fans at an Atlanta meet-and-greet.

One lucky fan ended up with the crotch grab on her camera, in what appears to be an otherwise standard photo opp. Of course, as is evidenced by the amazingly animated GIF below featuring the illustrious  Liam Payne, this is not the first time Harry has taken part in a casual crotch grab. 

And of course, Liam famously pantsed Harry on stage during a London concert. So, what is it with these boys and their penchant for fondling one another? Hopefully the guys will reveal the secrets to their bad bromance in their 3D documentary, "This Is Us." In case you missed the trailer, check it out here.
Photo/Video credit: Heatworld, Fair Use