'Hart of Dixie' heat wave: Rachel Bilson gets steamy in exclusive pics

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hod-wade-levon-laugh.jpgHave we mentioned that we love "Hart of Dixie"? Because we love "Hart of Dixie." After a rough Monday at work -- because aren't all Mondays rough? -- a little escape to Bluebell, Alabama is exactly what we need.

In the Oct. 17 episode, The CW is turning up the heat on Rachel Bilson and her cohorts. And when the heatwave hits, the clothes come off... and the inhibitions go out the window.

In the case of Zoe (Bilson), the weather induces inexplicable symptoms: like a seriously strong attraction to Wade ( Wilson Bethel). We're not sure why she douses him with the cold water in these exclusive photos, because it sounds like she's the one who needs cooling off after extended exposure to him and Levon ( Cress Williams) sans shirts.

Elsewhere in town, George's ( Scott Porter) parents come in for a visit and Lemon (Jaime King) goes out of her way to please them. Unfortunately, when they arrive at the restaurant, she sees that Levon is there with a date... and let's just say the heat goes to her head.

You won't want to miss the fireworks, so be sure to tune in Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

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Photo/Video credit: The CW