'Hart of Dixie': Jaime King dishes on Lemon's return to Bluebell ... with more than one boyfriend

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hart-of-dixie-jaime-king-lemon-interview.jpgEverything in Bluebell is better with a hint of Lemon (Jaime King), so it's time to rejoice, "Hart of Dixie" fans: Lemon's finally back when The CW's southern charmer returns on Friday (March 21).

Zap2it got the chance to sit down with King to discuss all things Lemon, like what she's been up to while she's been away, what her return means for a few characters, and who she's bringing with her when she makes her grand re-entrance ... namely, not one but two boyfriends. That's right, Lemon's been busy!

Watch Zap2it's interview with King below:

"Hart of Dixie" airs on Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.
Photo/Video credit: The CW