'Hart of Dixie' star Wilson Bethel: 'I personally think Wade and Zoe belong together'

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wilson-bethel-shirtless-cw.jpgWilson Bethel knows you like it when he takes his shirt off. But for the love of Dixie, people, he's much more than a set of shapely pecs.

"I get that my torso serves a certain purpose in the scope and arc of the CW marketing program," the "Hart of Dixie" star tells Zap2it. "My sincere hope is that people recognize enough of the other qualities that Wade brings to the show -- and by Wade I mean me, let's be honest! I hope that the reason why people are tuning in and are interested in Wade's storyline is not in the hopes that I won't get killed so I won't show my torso again."

hod-zade.jpgEssentially, he hopes we're not looking at him as a piece of meat. "Yes!" he says with a chuckle. "Let's be perfectly honest here. But look -- I get it. We live in the modern world. And I'm not above recognizing what purpose six separate abdominal muscles serve to the collective consciousness."

That's probably the most intellectual way we've heard to describe shirtlessness on The CW -- we're adopting it immediately since we're always looking for ways to make our objectification of attractive men seem more highbrow.

In addition to grilling Bethel about his upper body, we also spoke to him about what's next for his bad boy townie Wade and Rachel Bilson's New York-bred doctor Zoe on the CW soap. Last we saw of the should-be couple, Zoe had given Wade a rain check on a date, which Bethel says did not devastate Wade like it could've.

"I think where we left Wade and Zoe is at a very optimistic point," he says. "I don't think optimism itself will save the day, but I think there's a chance. That said, I wouldn't expect a payoff any time too immediately!"

Don't worry, Zade 'shippers -- Bethel wants it to happen too. "I personally think Wade and Zoe belong together. I do, I really do," he confesses. "And part of that is a selfish desire for me to keep a job as an actor. Because if Wade and Zoe belong together, that means I get to keep working on the show! But the other part of that is me just seeing in Wade this kind of sweet loneliness."

wilson-bethel-hod-cw.jpg"Whether or not you're philandering around with five women or 10 women or 100 women, it doesn't satiate a desire to be with somebody that you really, genuinely click with and have chemistry with," he continues. "I think maybe Zoe's that person for him. So I want that for Wade -- that he finds somebody that makes him happy."

Besides, watching Wade and Zoe take their time working through their feelings will make the end result that much better. "I think that ultimately when and if Zoe and Wade do end up getting together, it will be all the more explosive and really that payoff fans are looking for. They will have gone through what seems like a real relationship of two people who aren't 100 percent sure of what they want, and yet have this person in their life who does something for them that they can't quite put their finger on."
Photo/Video credit: The CW