'Hart of Dixie': Why you should still watch when The CW show moves to Fridays

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"Hart of Dixie" is moving to a new night when it returns with new episodes in a month, and unfortunately, that new night is Friday.

Generally referred to as the "death slot" for shows (as most people aren't actually home watching TV on Friday evenings), the show's new home has many fans are worried that this is the final nail in the coffin of The CW's charmer. With its future still up in the air, it's actually more important than ever that fans stick around and keep on watching.

And in fact, the series is about to get better than ever. Here are a few reasons why you should still keep watching "Hart of Dixie" after it moves to Friday nights:

- Bluebell is still Bluebell now that Tom Long saved the day and got the lieutenant governor to declare his toilet a historic landmark. You know what that means: More crazy Bluebell shenanigans are in our future:


- Lemon's back! After helping her grandma heal from her broken hip (a.k.a. Jaime King's maternity leave), Lemon's finally returning to Bluebell. Check out this new, minute-long promo focusing on her return (which first debuted on THR):

- Lemon's coming back into town with not one, but two hot boyfriends. Greedy, huh? Looks like she reconnected with Carter Covington (hello, Captain Awesome!), and made a new, extremely attractive friend named Enrique (who plays the guitar!):


- Lemon was in jail? Can't wait to hear that story:


- George is single. Like, really single. There are no romantic interests for him in sight now that Tansy got back together with Scooter and Lynly's gone for good. There's nothing hotter than seeing George with his single guy swagger back:


- But George isn't the only in top form when "Hart of Dixie" returns. Here's a quick shot of Wade, holding a baby goat. We repeat: Wade. Baby Goat. You're welcome:


- Maybe we'll see Lavon and Annabeth rekindle their romance?


- And of course, we can always rely on Zoe to still be the same old Zoe, with her crazy schemes and outlandish plans:


- But all that is nothing compared to the fact that we get to see this bromance onscreen and off:


So remember to watch "Hart of Dixie" live or make sure your DVR reflects its timeslot change when it returns with all-new episodes on Friday, March 21 on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW, Instagram