'Hart of Dixie's' Josh Cooke wears glass-free hipster frames

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josh-cooke-hart-of-dixie-cw-newscom-325.jpg Zap2it: Is your character, New York City novelist Joel, causing trouble in BlueBell, Ala., for his new love, fellow transplanted New Yorker Dr. Zoe Hart ( Rachel Bilson)?

Josh Cooke: Sort of, but I think maybe not directly -- maybe indirectly. Actually I caused a little trouble in Episode 3 for Zoe. She is a little hurricane, and Rachel is that way, too. I said to her the other day, "You make it so easy in scenes." She's so simple and easy.

Zap2it : You're wearing the classic hipster glasses sported by many writer types. How do you like them?

Josh Cooke: I've never worn glasses before, but I kind of like these. I'm a fan of them. I figure, one day, if I need to wear them, I'm going to get them.

Zap2it : Did you know any of the cast before coming to "Hart of Dixie"?

Josh Cooke : Actually, Jaime King and I have worked together before. We did a little movie in Montana together a number of years ago, so it was great to see her yet again. And Rachel and I get along swimmingly well, very similar sense of humor.

Zap2it : What have you learned about your other co-stars?

Josh Cooke : I hear Scott Porter's quite a beatboxer. Apparently he won "Star Search" at one point. He had a group of guys (that sang a cappella).

Zap2it : Did you know Wilson Bethel's (Wade) mother, novelist Joyce Maynard, once lived with J.D. Salinger?

Josh Cooke : What? No, I'll be asking about that. I had no idea.
Photo/Video credit: Newscom