Hasselhoff crab? We think these 5 things are more like The Hoff

yeti-crab-hasselhoff.jpgA group of researchers who have identified a new type of Yeti crab off the coast of South Georgia have dubbed the creature "The Hoff" -- an homage to actor David Hasselhoff, who they think resembles the hirsute crustacean.

And while we're convinced Hasselhoff is tickled pink to have his name forever associated with crabs, we're not so sure we see the resemblance. In fact, we've come up with this list of 5 forms of wildlife that have more in common with The Hoff than the prolific crab.

1. A bear: If we're going for hairy chest comparisons, well, why not go all the way?

2. A tiger: Look at the man, he's a predator:

3. A sloth: Come on, do we really have to explain this one?

4. A puppy: Because he's conveniently posing with a couple in this picture:

5. Edelweiss: Because Germans love both. And in terms of acting skills, they're evenly matched.


Photo/Video credit: Archive/Getty Images