'Haven's' Emily Rose joined by video-game costars Nolan North and Claudia Black on Syfy series' 3rd season

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emily-rose-haven.jpgFor "Haven" star Emily Rose, it's all about the game: The actress has lured two costars of her hit video-game franchise "Uncharted" to join her supernatural Syfy show this fall.

Nolan North and Claudia Black, along with Rose, lend their voices to a trio of treasure hunters in the award-winning action adventure video-game series.

On "Haven," North will guest as an amnesiac named Anderson who awakes to find everyone else in the mysterious town asleep. Black will appear in the two-part episode "Magic Hour" as Moira, a bitter -- and possibly homicidal -- beauty.

Haven's third season picks up immediately after its sophomore finale, in which FBI Agent Audrey Parker (Rose) was kidnapped while the two guys in her love triangle, Nathan ( Lucas Bryant) and Duke ( Eric Balfour), battle each other in a deadly duel.

Season 3 of "Haven" premieres Friday, Sept. 21 at 10 p.m. on Syfy.
Photo/Video credit: Syfy