'Haven' GIFs: Top 10 moments from the Season 4 finale, 'The Lighthouse'

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"Haven" Season 4 may be over, but we can still relive the best (and most heartbreaking) moments from the finale episode, "The Lighthouse." Here are top 10 of those moments as GIFs.

10. William has a sword!

10-haven-lighthouse-gif-william-sword.gif9. Audrey commands the goo.

9-haven-lighthouse-gif-audrey-goo.gif8. Nathan knocks out everyone.

8-haven-lighthouse-gif-nathan-knockout.gif7. Sinister and Heavy go goo.

7-haven-lighthouse-gif-sinister-heavy.gif6. Duke brings out an airplane blanket.

6-haven-lighthouse-gif-gloria-blanket.gif5. William leaves the world.

5-haven-lighthouse-gif-william.gif4. Dave shoots Dwight (and himself).

4-haven-lighthouse-gif-dave-shoots.gif3. Audrey gets her first glimpse of Mara.

3-haven-lighthouse-gif-duke-mara.gif2. Duke is as good as dead.

2-haven-lighthouse-gif-duke-dead.gif1. Nathan finds a way to hurt William.

1-haven-lighthouse-gif-nathan-kicks-william.gifAre there any other moments from "The Lighthouse" deserving of GIFs?

Photo/Video credit: Syfy