'Haven' photos first look: Danny Masterson and Kris Lemche as Darkside Seekers

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The Darkside Seekers are coming to "Haven." Paranormal investigators Anderson Harris and Seth Byrne will finally arrive in the Maine town for the Nov. 22 episode, "A Shot in the Dark."

Get an exclusive first look at Danny Masterson and Kris Lemche from the episode.

In case you missed it, the duo of Darkside Seekers have been featured in a "Haven"-adjacent web series throughout the main show's fourth season. Having heard about the mysterious and supernatural happenings of this town, the men finally arrive when reports emerge about a murder victim with no heart.

Masterson ( "That '70s Show," "Men at Work") plays Anderson Harris, the equipment man on the Darkside Seekers team. Although a skeptic, he will always keep his camera rolling. Lemche ( "Joan of Arcadia," "Ghost Whisperer") is true believer Seth Byrne, the host of the Darkside Seekers show.

haven-darkside-seekers-a-shot-in-the-dark-411-danny-masterson-kris-lemche-syfy-3.jpgIn "A Shot in the Dark," the Darkside Seekers threaten to expose the Troubles when they come to town to investigate a heart-eating monster. The danger is even greater with Audrey in the hospital. Nathan, Duke and Dwight are left to contend with both the troublesome visitors and possibly an even greater Trouble.

haven-darkside-seekers-a-shot-in-the-dark-411-danny-masterson-kris-lemche-syfy-2.jpgThe "Haven" episode, "A Shot in the Dark," airs Friday, Nov. 22 at 10 p.m. on Syfy.

Photo/Video credit: Syfy