'Haven' recap: Ear-slug horror and flower power in 'William'

haven-william-recap-colin-ferguson-emily-rose-syfy.JPGOh "Haven." Did you really have to make me a) hate and b) be terrified of William? He seemed so nice and sweet! But after "William," the man in the title is a totally unlikable goo-master and Audrey-stealer.

Still, I can't argue that the plotlines that must follow from this episode are intriguing. Keep reading the recap for all of the shiver-inducing tension of "Haven."

Brief happy times!

Okay first up, Audrey doesn't shoot Nathan. Obviously. So why does the gun go off? That would be because of the freaky Barn Guys -- one of them was in the apartment. Too bad the guy is really good at dodging bullets and stuff.

On the other hand, Nathan hasn't been killed, thus avoiding a rain of (more) pain and suffering upon the town. This is a good thing.

Who catches whom?

Having escaped Audrey's ineffectual bullets, the Barn Guys go after Dwight. You know that they're tough, because they can actually do this without shooting guns. Big Barn Guy and Dwight even wrestle! (Which is cool, because they're both wrestler types in real life.)

The forces of evil would win at this point, except that Dwight manages to call Nathan. When the cavalry arrives, the Barn Guys don't seem so upset. They don't even object when Audrey and Nathan go into a closet to find a man shackled to a chair, his head covered in a black bag.

That would be William.

Ear-slugs ... Why'd it have to be ear-slugs?

Before we get into what happens next, here's a story from my childhood. The first movie I specifically remember seeing in the theater was "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan." I was five years old and really excited to go to a "grown-up" movie with my mom and her friend.

And then I saw that scene where Khan drops mind-control slugs into the ears of Chekhov and the Paul Winfield character. I have been terrified of things crawling into brains via the ears ever since.

You can therefore imagine my horror when the two Barn Guys begin spitting what looks an awful lot like ear-slugs into the brains of Dwight, Jennifer and Nathan. But these slugs aren't so much about mind control as they are about Trouble-induced paranoia and homicidal tendencies.

This is a little better for my chances of avoiding nightmares at least.

Dwight gets obsessed with Duke being a killer. Jennifer thinks everyone just wants to commit her. And Nathan is convinced that every man around is trying to steal Audrey from him.

Sad thing is, Nathan is almost right. He just doesn't identify the correct targets or motivations.

Bringing back that old spark

With everyone but Duke out of commission -- and everyone pretty much wanting Duke dead -- Audrey has no one to turn to except William. Unfortunately, William isn't much help, since the Barn seems to have wiped out his memories.

But he makes an okay sidekick as the two interrupt Gloria's Candy Crush game to learn about ear-slugs and then question the Barn Guys about a mysterious box they're searching for.

Maybe if William could remember ... And then he does, kind of. When Audrey touches William's hand, a visible spark leaps between the two. Another spark, and William has a memory!

Conveniently, the memory is of the aforementioned mysterious box. William remembers that he had it coming out of the barn and identifies where it must be. Maybe the good guys can save it before the purveyors of ear-slugs!

They just have to get past the "Haven" version of the Mexican standoff (helped by Duke in this) and out to a specific lookout point.

William, you seemed like such a nice guy!

As they approach the box's hiding spot, William begins to change a little. He starts commenting on the crazy, jealous men down at the police station. He repeatedly points out that those guys are hardly worthy of someone like Audrey. It's almost like William has an ear-slug of his own.

Except that's not at all what's going on here. As William himself puts it:

"This isn't actually about some stupid Trouble. This is about us."

You see, when William said he had lost his memory, that was a lie. The two Barn Guys are working for him. The funky ear-slug goo is even working for him! All those Trouble-altering handprints? That's William too.

Basically everything bad that has happened in Haven since Audrey's return has been William.

And according to William, it's all because of his love for Audrey. Offering the box to an increasingly confused woman, William declares undying affection for her and insists that the feeling is mutual. When Audrey protests, the strange man appeals to the "real" person, deep down inside.

This means that, somewhere beyond the woman who keeps showing up in Haven to save the town, there is an original Audrey. That long-lost woman had some sort of connection to William. It may have even been love.

But it's hard to believe that love is possible now when a beautiful flower disintegrates into a pile of ear-slugs. Gleefully declaring Nathan, Duke and the entire town to be "inferior," William approaches Audrey ...

... And she wakes up to see Nathan. William and his goo and his underlings are gone. As Audrey and Nathan embrace, however, her expression makes it clear that there is still more of the story to tell.

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