'Haven' Season 4: Spoilers and premiere date

After a wait of many months, fans can get their first glimpse at what's coming on "Haven" Season 4. Where does the show go after Audrey disappeared into the mysterious barn at the end of Season 3? And when will the show itself be back?

The answer to the second question is much easier than the first. "Haven" Season 4 will premiere on Friday, Sept. 13 at 10pm on Syfy.

As for what mysteries are in store for the audience in the upcoming season, a video posted by TVLine offers a few teases. There are definitely no concrete answers, but the few hints do point in intriguing directions.

Spoiler things from the video (in case you don't want to go watch it):

  • There is a person encased in glass on the beach? Even for "Haven," that seems like a weird one.
  • A person -- who sounds a lot like Duke -- is telling Audrey (A new Audrey?) about her identity.
  • The new character played by Colin Ferguson makes an appearance. Whoever he is, the new guy seems to want to help Audrey figure out who she is. As for Audrey, she definitely looks like she could be a "new" person. Who is this guy?
  • Audrey's hair is different in Season 4. That's rarely a good thing for her.
  • One way or another, Duke gets out of the barn (more or less) intact.

Photo/Video credit: Syfy