'Hawaii Five-0': Nick Jonas hacks his way into the CBS drama

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nick-jonas-chi-mcbride-hawaii-five-0.jpgOn Friday (Nov. 15), CBS' "Hawaii Five-0" airs "Akanahe" (Hawaiian for "reluctant partners"), in which Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) teams up with Capt. Lou Grover (Chi McBride) to serve a warrant on computer hacker Ian Wright (Nick Jonas) in regards to a threat to national security.

Now, how could one of the cute-as-pie Jonas Brothers ever threaten the security of the nation? It's all about the acting.

Nick Jonas took a few minutes to answer some Zap2it questions about his foray into TV drama:

Zap2it: How did this guest shot come about and what made you want to do it?
Nick Jonas: I was approached by some of the producers of the show, asking me if I'd be interested in this part. I've always been a fan of the show -- the story, the characters, everything about it -- so I was honored to be asked, and be able to play character that is different from myself. Acting has always been a passion of mine, so any opportunity that allows me to do that is definitely of interest to me.

How did you get along with the cast?
The entire cast is absolutely amazing!  Everyone on set was so welcoming to me and we got along great!

Is acting something you want to pursue more?

Absolutely. It's another creative outlet for me to express myself. I've been blessed to have acting opportunities in movies, television, as well as Broadway, and definitely want to continue to do so.

Do you have mad computer skills, or was it all acting and special effects?

I'm actually pretty good with computers. I use computers when I'm working on making and producing music, so I do know a thing or two! My experience using them in that context definitely helped me get into this role as a computer hacker, even though I've never hacked computers before [laughs].

If you could have another guest role on any TV show -- past or present -- what would that be?

I loved working on "Hawaii Five-0," so if they would have me back, that would be great! It also doesn't hurt that filming takes place in Hawaii! I have lots of shows I'd love to be a part of but some that come to mind are "American Horror Story," "Homeland" and "Nashville." I also love "House of Cards." would love to be a part of that someday. Some past shows that I would have loved to have a guest role on are "Lost," "Breaking Bad" and "Freaks and Geeks."

Did you have time for any extracurricular activities in Hawaii?

There was some time between filming that I definitely took advantage of being in Hawaii. My family actually came to visit, and my brothers and I performed at "Hawaii Five-0's" "Sunset on the Beach," which was actually our first time performing in Hawaii. We were there right after we completed our summer tour, so it had been awhile since we were on vacation. It was nice to have a little bit of time to relax after that and take in the mellow pace of Hawaii.

What are your favorite TV shows and why?
I really like scripted dramas. My favorite show of all time would have to be "Lost": I loved how the writers and producers were able to weave the different storylines together; and the acting in that show was incredible. I like show that are along those lines. "Breaking Bad" is another incredible show -- the characters, the acting and the story -- all of it is addicting to watch. One of my favorite TV shows at the moment is "Homeland." It's just one of those shows that you get sucked into.

What part of playing Ian Wright challenged or even scared you the most?
Playing Ian Wright was a fun challenge for me because I was able to explore a character that was so different than any other roles I have previously played. Ian is, frankly, a psychotic computer hacker. Becoming this character was a challenge because it's completely not who I am normally. But it was exciting to analyze and deliver a new personality and mentality.

"Hawaii Five-0" airs at 9 p.m. ET Friday on CBS.

Photo/Video credit: CBS