HBO remaking French porn comedy 'Hard', 'Sex and the City' writer attached

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HBO is looking to France for its next hit show. The cable network will remake the French comedy "Hard," about a widow tasked with running her husband's failing pornography company.

According to Variety, which broke the news, former "Sex and the City" and "The Big C" writer/producer Jenny Bicks is adapting the show, which will be set in L.A.'s upper-class Brentwood neighborhood. The widow will have to walk the line between her normal life and her job as a porn company executive.

The show is in development with Bicks, Stephen McPherson and Vin Di Bona serving as executive producers. There is no word on when it's expected to go into production or debut. The original series ran for two seasons on France's Canal+. A third was announced in 2012 but has yet to air.
Photo/Video credit: Canal+