Heart Attack Grill spokesman John Alleman dies of a heart attack

heart-attack-grill-spokesman-dies.jpgThe unofficial spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas has died of a heart attack. He is the second unofficial spokesman to die in the past two years.

John Alleman, 52, was waiting for a bus in front of the Vegas restaurant last week when he suffered a heart attack. He was taken off life support Monday (Feb. 11), reports the Las Vegas Sun. Owner Jon Basso tells the Sun that Alleman came to the restaurant daily.

"He never missed a day, even on Christmas," says Basso. "People just loved him. He connected with people in a real way."

The restaurant has a hospital theme, putting diners in hospital gowns and featuring waitresses in nurses uniforms. It is famous for its calorically-outrageous offerings like enormous hamburgers, extra-fat milkshakes and french fries cooked in lard.

The tagline of the restaurant is "taste worth dying for."

A caricature of Alleman dressed as a patient was printed on the restaurant's merchandise and menus.

Heart Attack Grill writes on its Facebook page: " To all who've given hopes and prayers for John's struggle in the cardio vascular unit, it ended humanely this morning at 10am. Dr Andy and Dr Jon were at bedside as John slipped into the next world. WE LOVE YOU BROTHER!"

Dr. Jon refers to Basso, who is not a medical professional.

In 2011, unofficial spokesman Blair River, who weighed 575 pounds, died at age 29. In February 2012, a man was hospitalized after he had a heart attack while eating a 6000-calorie Triple Bypass burger. In April 2012, it was a female customer who had to be rushed to the hospital.

Basso points out that Alleman only weighed about 180 pounds and says that it shows heart attacks can happen to anyone.

Photo/Video credit: Heart Attack Grill