'Melrose Place' cougar Heather Locklear arrested for hit-and-run!

heather-locklear-325.jpg Heather Locklear was arrested this weekend for a hit-and-run offense.

But it's not as dire as it sounds.

Last Saturday (Apr. 17) someone heard a loud crash near North Ranch Country Club in Westlake Village, CA around 4 AM in the morning.

The person who heard the crash didn't call the Ventura County Sheriff's Department until Saturday night and when deputies checked it out, they found a knocked over "No Parking" sign and obvious signs of a car that had gone up the curb, hitting the sign, according to TMZ.

Deputies went to her nearby house, saw damage on her black BMW consistent with the collision, and arrested her for hit-and-run. Guess she should have left a note on the helpless No Parking sign.