Heidi Klum has a belated Halloween party and makes it a benefit

heidi-klum-cleopatra.jpg Heidi Klum scrapped her annual Halloween party in October in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Or maybe "postponed" is the right word -- because she and many others were in costume over the weekend.

The model and "Project Runway" host turned up Saturday (Dec. 1) in an elaborate Cleopatra costume, accompanied by Santa Claus. How elaborate? Well, check out her bejeweled face in this close-up shot. That must have taken a while:

heidi-klum-cleopatra-face.jpgOthers in attendance included former "America's Next Top Model" star Jay Manuel, dressed as a glam devil; model Alyssa Miller, doing Julia Roberts' streetwalker look from "Pretty Woman"; and Russell Simmons, looking a lot like his brother Joseph "Run" Simmons did back in the day.

heidi-klum-party-attendees.jpg Questlove of the Roots was the DJ for the night, dressed as "Slutty Questlove":

questlove-heidi-klum-part.jpgThe party wasn't just an excuse to dress up, though. Proceeds went to the Red Cross, and on Sunday, Klum teamed up with AOL and its local-news network Patch to distribute relief supplies to towns on Long Island.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images