Heidi Klum's nude photo spree continues with a new topless picture

heidi-klum-sept-2011-gi.jpgNo one would ever accuse Heidi Klum of being shy, but lately she seems intent on proving just how open she is. It's becoming a rare instance when a photo of the supermodel appears with her clothed.

The "Project Runway" host shared a photo on her Twitter account on Saturday (July 20) of herself in nothing but her bikini bottoms hugging a palm tree with a caption that reads "Last day in paradise, love Bora Bora!!" The hug pose conveniently hides most of Klum's breasts, save for a bit of side boob that peeks out.

These sorts of photos are becoming increasingly more common from Klum. Earlier in the week, she shared another topless photo of herself lying in the sand with a sand and seashell face on her stomach. And on July 7, she flashed her butt on Instagram.

Are you loving Klum's nude photo spree or is enough enough?


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Twitter