Heidi Klum's topless pictures: Is she suing or not?

heidi-klum-naked-topless-pics.jpgThe latest topless pictures scandal has shifted from Kate Middleton to supermodel Heidi Klum, though reports vary about what exactly Klum is planning regarding the pictures.

TMZ reports that Klum is upset over topless photos that have been published in a French magazine. Sources close to her say she is currently trying to ascertain which magazine is the origin for the photos that show the model vacationing in the south of France with her bodyguard and going sans top on a beach.

However, Gossip Cop is reporting that she's not actually upset about being topless. A source tells GC, "Heidi isn't suing and she's not upset about being photographed topless. What she is upset about is that she was on vacation with her family on private property and people were hiding in the bushes capturing those private moments. The photographs are of her swimming with her children at the pool on the property where she thought she had privacy. She was not on a public beach."

It would make more sense that Klum is more upset about the paparazzi hounding her family -- she's been photographed topless on a beach before. The pictures below are from over a year ago and there are pictures here that are over four years old.

heidi-klum-topless-pictures.jpg heidi-klum-nude-pictures-20.jpg

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