Heidi Montag's 'back scoop' procedure. What now?

heidi-montag-vegas.jpgReally, nothing should surprise us when it comes to Heidi Montag these days, but the latest revelation that during her plastic surgery binge she had something called a "back scoop" has The Dish Rag a bit stymied.

"I actually didn't know," she told Ryan Seacrest when he asked her to explain what that is. "I might be the first one to try it. It carves out your back a little bit."

Poor Heidi. In addition to no longer being recognizable, her body is now so "fragile" that she can't jog or even hug other people.

We're sure husband Spencer Pratt is thrilled that he has to handle his wife with kid gloves. Of course that may let him off the baby-making hook.

What next? Did Heidi have a couple ribs removed while she was at it?