Heidi Montag's doctor says she wants to fill the 'blonde starlet void'

heidi-montag.jpgFor those wondering what kind of doctor would agree to perform 10 plastic surgeries in one day on a perfectly attractive 23-year-old, RadarOnline has the answer.

Dr. Frank Ryan
sat down on camera with Radar and admits that he couldn't have put himself through what Heidi Montag did.

"I couldn't have done that," Ryan says. "Sitting down there with the wisdom of someone much older and thinking: 'What is it I really need to do to propel my career?'

"Heidi is 23-years-old [and] has been voting for five years -- she is an adult, she made an informed decision, she made a good call as an adult."

And, really, in the grand scheme of things Heidi only went halfway.