'Hell's Kitchen' video: Wolfgang Puck thinks Gordon Ramsay is 'the nicest guy in the world'

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hells-kitchen-exclusive-video.jpg If you ask Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsay is "the nicest guy in the world." No, seriously, that's what Puck thinks!

When Puck stops by "Hell's Kitchen" on Thursday (April 24) as the VIP guest judge, he is blown away by how well Ramsay treats him ... and the contestants from the red and blue teams. Apparently Ramsay even scored the pairs higher than Puck did during a pizza challenge. If Puck's a harsher judge than Ramsay, then you know he's going to be tough.

Check out  Zap2it's exclusive clip from the episode below:

"Hell's Kitchen" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.
Photo/Video credit: FOX