Henry Cavill: Superman suit clad at last in 'Man of Steel' promo pic

That didn't take long. Almost as soon as "Man of Steel" star Henry Cavill confess to being quite impressed at the sight of himself in the Superman tights and cape, Warner Bros. issued the first official still of the 28-year-old Brit in costume.

And he looks good.

But how does it compare to previous Super-suits? Well, for one, there's some serious texture going on. Tiny bumps all over the blue unitard give it a bit of a snakeskin vibe. Also of note: the "S" logo is considerably larger than in past iterations. Perhaps they're compensating for the fact that the hero's proper name doesn't even appear in the title.

There's also some handsome pleating going on with the cape, and don't even get us started on the non-sartorial wonder that is Cavill's shoulders.

Thoughts on this first look at "Man of Steel?" Have at it in the comments.


Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros.