Hilary Duff selling shoes on eBay that aren't 'too smelly'

Hilary Duff is selling her used shoes on eBay with a promise to potential buyers: "they're not too smelly." That's reassuring, since the auction site has yet to implement smell-o-vision.

The "Stay Cool" star is offering worn-in and autographed Christian Louboutin stiletto ankle boots and Jean-Michael Cazabat slingback wedges as part of a fundraising campaign called Kick Up Your Heels. Proceeds go to the Lancaster Opera House in New York.

Hilary had a pair of Alexander McQueen ankle boots on sale as well. They sold to the highest bidder for $950.

The singer-actress-philanthropist and new mom tells fans on Twitter, "Bid on my shoes for a good cause ... they're all really cute and broken in by me."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images