Hillary Clinton tops Obama in poll counting popularity: Still no 2016 run?


Instead of President Barack Obama, it's his former Secretary of State who is the most popular political figure in the nation. Hillary Clinton tops Obama in a poll counting political popularity released by Quinnipiac.

The telephone poll finds that 61 percent of the 1,772 registered voters surveyed view Clinton favorably, while only 51 percent view Obama favorably. She also tops figures like Vice President Joe Biden, House Speaker John Boehner, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and new Secretary of State John Kerry, the Associated Press reports.

Though Clinton is taking a break from political office, she is one of the most wanted candidates for the 2016 presidential election. During a recent interview, she played coy about her presidential ambitions, saying, "Obviously the president and I care deeply about what's going to happen for our country in the future. And I don't think, you know, either he or I can make predictions about what's going to happen tomorrow or the next year."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images