Is 'Juno' imitating Jamie Lynn's life?


Given the rash of out of expectant unwed mothers (Nicole Richie, Jamie Lynn Spears and Lily Cole), will there be a backlash against "Juno," the quirky comedy about a 16-year-old who has her baby and gives it up for adoption? (Trust me, it's way funnier and sweeter than it sounds.)

The film has gotten three Golden Globe nods (best screenplay, best performance by an actress and best motion picture -- musical or comedy). But New York magazine is already predicting an Oscar tsk-tsking and even a possible instructive lesson involving a condom and an Oscar statue by Sid Ganis. I kinda doubt that.

But a smart condom maker (are you reading this, Trojan?) just might buy some Oscar telecast TV time to advertise its products.

Photo credit: How about sending Jamie Lynn and boyfriend Casey Aldridge a copy of "Juno" for some adoption ideas?