'Homeland' preview: Brody steps into the spotlight, Carrie watches

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homeland-ep4.jpgIn Sunday's (Oct. 23) episode of Showtime's "Homeland," Brody ( Damian Lewis) is stepping further into the public eye as politicians attempt to use him as a tool in the war (of words) on terror.

Meanwhile, Carrie ( Claire Danes) is trying to zero in on the link between Brody and terrorist mastermind Abu Nazir. Saul's ( Mandy Patinkin) advice: Follow the money. She's also starting to enjoy her ability to eavesdrop on Brody's homelife.

In the first clip below, we watch Carrie watching Brody -- she's convinced he's having more "paranoid hallucinations" and, based on this clip, she may be right:

Next, Carrie, Saul and their boss, David ( David Harewood) brief their team about the missing Saudi necklace that may be the next link in the chain between Brody and Abu Nazir:

Photo/Video credit: Showtime