'Homeland' Season 2 spoiler stills: Is Brody buying another suicide vest?

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nasser-faris-damian-lewis-tailor-2-homeland.jpg "Homeland"'s Season 2 premieres Sunday (Sept. 30), and we're going deep undercover. That's intelligence code for "We're sitting on the sofa the whole weekend in anticipation of critically acclaimed, Emmy-sweeping thriller's return. "

It's not too late to catch up: Showtime is airing a marathon of Season 1 -- all 12 epsiodes -- Saturday starting at noon ET. Of course, you can always catch it online and DVD, but do you really want to be late to this party? (We're looking at you, "Breaking Bad" newcomers.)

If you can't wait for the first episode (or the second, which we've seen and are still finding pieces of our brain in the living room), please enjoy these spoiler photos from the first three episodes.

We already knew Carrie ( Claire Danes returns to Beirut to assist the CIA with a crucial mission, but why is Brody ( Damian Lewis paying another visit to the tailor ( Nasser Faris)? What is Abu Nazir plotting now? What is that reporter (Zuleikha Robinson) lady asking Brody to do? And finally, are Carrie and Saul ( Mandy Patinkin, holla!) playing a new video game or watching something utterly shocking and potentially devastating on that laptop?

The answers -- some of them, anyway -- will be revealed in the Season 2 premiere of "Homeland," Sunday, Sept. 30, at 10 p.m. on Showtime.

claire-danes-headscarf-2-homeland.jpg navid-negahban-homeland.jpg claire-danes-mandy-patinkin-laptop-homeland.jpg

damian-lewis-zuleikha robinson-homeland.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Showtime