'Homeland' Season 2: Watch the premiere episode online now

homeland-claire-danes-damian-lewis-s2.jpgWe know all the players on "Homeland" after watching the terrifically tense first season, so the shock of the new has worn off. That's OK, though -- because the newly minted Emmy winner for best drama is very much on its game in its Season 2 premiere.

If you missed the show Sunday night (Sept. 30) -- or if you just want to watch it a whole bunch more times -- you're in luck. As it did with "Dexter," Showtime has put the season premiere of "Homeland" online. You can watch below.

The premiere finds Brody ( Damian Lewis) settling into his new job as a member of Congress, only to be dragged back toward Abu Nazir ( Navid Negahban) by an unlikely source. Carrie ( Claire Danes), meanwhile, is trying to live a quiet life teaching English to non-native speakers and tending her garden -- but soon she gets pulled back into her old life as well.

The episode will be online through Oct. 31. Enjoy/obsess over it to your heart's content:

Photo/Video credit: Showtime