'Homeland' sneak peek: The heat is on Brody

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homeland-110311.jpgWe're going to go ahead and assume that if you're watching previews for Sunday's (Nov. 6) episode of "Homeland," you're all caught up. Good. Because the Oct. 30 episode was a total mind-blower. Not only did Carrie ( Claire Danes) make a key connection to terrorist mastermind Abu Nazir, but she and Saul are 98 and three-quarters percent sure that Brody ( Damian Lewis) passed a razor blade to his former interrogator, allowing him to take his own life.

So, with that in mind, this week's preview clips reveal a Carrie who is more convinced than ever that Brody is a sleeper. In the clip below, she offers to resign from the CIA if the guy can pass a polygraph with flying colors:

Then, in the next clip, we see Brody -- who is clearly haunted by the role he played in the death of his fellow captive, Tom Walker -- get up to deliver a eulogy at the man's memorial service. His agitation is palpable and when something unexpected happens, will he keep his cool or blow his cover?

Photo/Video credit: Showtime