'Hostages' Mateus Ward wants to direct after he's done with algebra

mateus-ward-hostages-cbs-325.jpgLike so many actors, Mateus Ward wants to direct.

Unlike most, though, the 14-year-old Mateus must devote time to algebra.

He plays Jake Sanders, 15, on CBS' Monday drama, "Hostages."

"I really want to be a director, a lot," he tells Zap2it. "I want to act for a lot longer. We get a different director every episode. Each one has been so inspiring, and I see things differently now. It is really cool to see different points of view."

Jake is the younger child of a thoracic surgeon who was supposed to kill the president during surgery. She refused, and her family is being held hostage until she does. Jake, his sister and father harbor secrets; Jake's is he was dealing drugs.

"Jake is the not-so-innocent son of Toni Collette and Tate Donovan," Mateus says. "I love the character for how flawed he is and very complex. He is put in this situation where he is a victim, and all Jake wants is to be his own man."

Ah, the plight of every teenager whose parents get in the way. Mateus' parents, who have been very supportive of his career, moved from their home in Maui, Hawaii, to Los Angeles and now New York as he pursues acting.

Being on a set with Collette, Donovan and Dylan McDermott has been a true education for him.

"I am learning so much about myself and about the character as I go along," Mateus says. "Because we really know as much as the script gives us, and we have to create the rest. And working with these actors has made me step up my game 150 percent."

Despite being in the family that's held hostage, Mateus has no idea where the story is heading. "The writers created this world which is really uncomfortable to watch," he says, "but exciting."
Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros. Television