'House of Cards' gets 'Walking Dead' credits: Watch the chilling opening

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"House of Cards"
and "The Walking Dead." One is a high-stakes, life-or-death roller coaster populated by flesh-hungry fiends. The other has zombies. What happens when Netflix's political drama gets a zombie-fied opening sequence? An awesome video, that's what.

District 7 Media has flexed its creative muscles to give "Cards" a "Walking Dead" intro. Creator Drew Geraci writes on Vimeo, "We combined the theme of 'The Walking Dead' and incorporated as many elements from 'House of Cards' that we could. Since the original HOC intro is nearly 90 seconds long and TWD intro is only 35 seconds it was quite the challenge fitting in all of the credits and choosing the best scenes that represent the darker side of the show."

We think they did a masterful job. For their next trick, we'd like to request "Walking Dead" goes "Full House," to complete the circle.
Photo/Video credit: Netflix