'House of Lies' Donis Leonard Jr.: Roscoe 'isn't gay or straight, he's Roscoe'

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While "House of Lies" primarily revolves around Marty Kaan ( Don Cheadle) and his professional life as a management consultant, his home life is just as important to the character. When not traveling for work, Marty comes home at the end of the day to his father Jeremiah ( Glynn Turman) and son Roscoe ( Donis Leonard Jr.).

Roscoe, in particular, is a unique character you normally don't see on TV. While many might dismiss the cross-dressing youth as gay, that's not the case. "What I like about playing the role is you can't put a push pin in him," Leonard tells Zap2it. "He isn't gay or straight. He's Roscoe."

Playing a sexually ambiguous character is a responsibility Leonard takes pride in. "There's a lot of kids who don't really know what they are yet, so I feel like a role model for them," he says. "Also with a great, incredible actor like Don Cheadle playing my father and adults watching the show, the personality that I have with Marty, that's special."

As for what Roscoe's up to in Season 3, it looks like there is a new lady in his life. Bex Taylor-Klaus ("Arrow," "The Killing") will guest star as Roscoe's girlfriend Lex. Of the pairing, Leonard says, "I think they've fit us together very well, personality-wise."

It's going to be a big year for Roscoe when "House of Lies" Season 3 premieres Sunday (Jan. 12) at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.
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