'House of Lies' Matthew Carnahan: Clyde has nearly hit rock bottom

Season 3 of "House of Lies" has been an interesting study of how far the mighty can fall. After riding high at the end of Season 2, Clyde ( Ben Schwartz) life has fallen into the gutter.

He ended up in a job he hated, while watching his former friends and coworkers getting back together under the Kaan and Associates banner. As if that wasn't bad enough, he also lost his car and ended up in jail.

The last episode saw the slightest hint of a rebound, though. Thanks to a possible piece of business he can bring to the gang, he might have found his way back into Marty Kaan's ( Don Cheadle) good graces. Is this the end of Clyde's dark turn, though?

Well, according to "House of Lies" creator and showrunner  Matthew Carnahan, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. "He could still get a little darker before the dawn, but he's about bottomed out," he tells Zap2it.

The next episode, "Middlegame," is a good example of Clyde's upswing. The entire installment is set at the launch party of Dollahyde's sneaker offshoot, which is really nothing more than a way to keep Lucas ( T.I.) distracted as his company is taken away. Carnahan explains, "You're going to see Clyde just beginning to crawl back and actually enjoy for a moment what it means to be sober while everybody else is just falling down drunk or high."

Clyde's victory is "short lived," though. It seems he still has some changes to make, not that anyone should feel bad for him. "He definitely made his bed," Carnahan says. "A lot of themes this season are about wreckage of the past for these characters and how their actions are coming back to bite them on the a**. Clyde's got a lot of that."

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Photo/Video credit: Showtime