'House' season premiere pics: Huddy gets cuddly

So on the season premiere of "House," the team bickers over how to treat a patient, and Wilson checks in to see how House is doing, and ... yeah, you're not really interested in all that, are you?

OK then. Huddy it is:

house-premiere-huddy.jpgFOX isn't saying much about what goes on in the Sept. 20 season premiere, other than saying that House ( Hugh Laurie) and Cuddy ( Lisa Edelstein) "explore a romantic relationship." Given the events of last season's finale, there would be pretty much be a revolt if they didn't. (Side note: Cuddy appears to be wearing the same scrubs she had on in the Season 6 finale, so it doesn't look like much on-screen time has passed.)

The network hasn't released as many images for "House" as for some of its other returning shows ( "Bones," say, and certainly not "Glee"). But below, you can take a look at House and Wilson ( Robert Sean Leonard), Thirteen ( Olivia Wilde) and Foreman and Taub ( Omar Epps and Peter Jacobson).

house-premiere-wilson.jpg house-premiere-olivia-wilde.jpg house-premiere-team.jpgWhat do you make of the first Season 7 pictures?

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Photo credits: FOX