'House' suits up for smallpox scare

house-hugh-laurie-amber-tamblyn-320.jpgJust how good is Masters ( Amber Tamblyn)?

The genius protege will be called on to help on Monday's (Nov. 15) "House" episode when a patient (Aaron Refyem) is brought in by a CDC doctor (guest star Dylan Baker) specifically to see the good doctor ( Hugh Laurie).

What's particularly puzzling is that the patient exhibits what appears to be smallpox symptoms. Smallpox is one of only two infectious diseases that has been eradicated by humans (the other's Rinderpest). Smallpox was officially eradicated in 1979.

Take a look:

House isn't just going to make biting remarks the whole episode though. He'll actually risk his life and suit up to treat the patient. Is he getting softer this season?

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Photo credits: FOX