How ELLE was duped by a fake Twitter account for their own editor-in-chief!

It's pretty easy to mistake fake celebrity Twitter accounts for real ones. Sure, many get verified by Twitter, but there are many that don't. " 90210" star, Shenae Grimes, has been very vocal about being denied account verification at least twice by Twitter. 

And mistakes happen. Just this past week, The Teen Choice Awards mistakenly linked to a fake Twitter account for " The Vampire Diaries" star Paul Wesley. Before long the fake account had more than 10,000 followers!

This week, though, we were shocked when ELLE Magazine was duped by a fake Twitter account for its own editor-in-chief, Robbie Myers, then tried to sweep it under the rug

On Monday (August 2) Creative director, Joe Zee (who you may recognize from MTV's " The City"), was the first to tweet a response to the fake account after the person behind it tweeted hello to him.

After that, the news spread like wildfire. It was retweeted by fans, celebs, countless other fashion and entertainment publications, fashion designers and even ELLE's official Twitter account.