'How I Met Your Mother' - 'Bedtime Stories': It's tricky to rock a rhyme

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how-i-met-your-mother-bedtime-stories.jpgThe all-rhyming episode that "How I Met Your Mother" tried Monday (Nov. 25) had a very high potential for disaster. So would a review of the episode that attempted pull off the same trick.

So you're not getting the latter -- and the good news is, "Bedtime Stories" was actually a pretty nice episode of late-period "HIMYM." The conceit -- Marshall has to rhyme to get Marvin to sleep -- worked perfectly well to set up a trio of flashback stories centered on Ted, Robin and Barney.

The best of the bunch, by a good distance, was Robin's. Ted's and Barney's were mostly variations on long-running character traits, although seeing the various bros who made up the Players' Roundtable in Barney's story was amusing. Robin's tale, though, imparted some new information: Already down from a breakup, she runs into her ex Simon (James Van Der Beek), who's now engaged, and hits bottom, stealing his wedding cake.

Somehow, that turns into a tale of triumph as she embarks on a quest to eat the whole four-tiered thing -- and somehow, it's more of a reminder of the Robin we grew to love earlier in the show's life than the character who has been twisted every which way in recent seasons. That's a pretty good "HIMYM" outcome.

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