'How I Met Your Mother': First look at Jennifer Morrison as Ted's 'nemesis'

jennifer-morrison-himym4.jpgMom, is that you?

The people behind "How I Met Your Mother" aren't saying whether Jennifer Morrison -- who begins a big guest arc on the show Monday (Oct. 18) -- is the woman Ted ( Josh Radnor) ends up marrying. But based on everything creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have said about this season, we know that she's at least going to be a big part of Ted's life.

Morrison plays Zoey, a preservation activist who becomes Ted's "nemesis" (as Thomas put it to Zap2it over the summer) when she opposes his plan to build GNB's new headquarters -- which would involve tearing down a beloved old building in Manhattan. That's what looks to be happening in the photo above, and certainly in the one below.

jennifer-morrison-himym5.jpgTheir relationship won't be entirely antagonistic, though. As you can see in the two shots below, Ted and Zoey appear to warm up to each other (maybe over their shared love of architecture? Finally, Ted won't have to be the crazy guy on the bus if she's with him).

jennifer-morrison-himym2.jpg jennifer-morrison-himym1.jpgMorrison's first "HIMYM" episode is called "Architect of Destruction," and it airs at 8 p.m. ET Monday on CBS. Does she look like mother material to you?

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Photo credits: CBS