'How I Met Your Mother' preview: Barney drops a metaphor before his mystery wedding

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"How I Met Your Mother" fans, restart your speculation engines. The Season 7 premiere, "The Best Man," is just around the corner. And ahead of its Sept. 19 debut, CBS released a rather telling clip.

Now, as we already know, the bulk the episode plays out in the normal timeline, with Ted  ( Josh Radnor) performing best man duties for childhood friend Punchie ( Chris Romanski) and the rest of the gang somehow along for the ride at his Cleveland nuptials. But there's also another look at Ted's other best man gig, at Barney's ( Neil Patrick Harris) future wedding.

Picking up where Season 6 left off, with Ted walking in on his tuxedo-clad best friend, Barney goes off on how he's not sure if he's ready to commit to his tie. He has a few tie options, you know, and it's hard to tell if he's picking the right one.

Naturally, Barney would find a sartorial metaphor for his mystery bride. Watch the preview and let us know if you think he's referring to Robin ( Cobie Smulders) or Nora ( Nazanin Boniadi).
Photo/Video credit: CBS