'How I Met Your Mother': Robin Sparkles, 'lawyered' and the show's best running bits

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how-i-met-your-mother-memes.jpgWhen "How I Met Your Mother" comes to a close Monday (March 31), it will leave behind a legacy of many great recurring jokes, memes and lines. The show launched more catchphrases than any comedy since "Seinfeld," and it created some all-time great running gags for its characters.

Here are 10 of Zap2it's favorites.

1. Robin Sparkles

Obviously. The definitive Robin Sparkles rankings, incidentally, are: 1. "Let's Go to the Mall" (above). 2. "Sandcastles in the Sand." 3. Robin Daggers/"P.S. I Love You." 4. "Space Teens."

2. The slap bet

slap-bet.gifBarney totally should've taken 10 slaps in a row. Fun fact: The first Robin Sparkles video is the subject of the initial slap bet, meaning the show's two greatest bits came in the same episode.

3. 'Wait for it ...'

Also, "Suit up," "Legendary," "Awesome" and others in the vast trove of Barney Stinson catchphrases. Above, a "legendary" compilation.

4. Sandwiches

himym-sandwich.jpgThe euphemism Future Ted uses to get around telling his kids he smoked pot. A font of excellent visuals.

5. Interventions

himym-intervention.jpgThe subject of an entire Season 4 episode, returned to frequently over the years. Subjects include Marshall's Dr. Seuss hat, Lily's terrible British accent and Ted's pretentious pronunciation ("encyclo-PAY-dia" et al).

6. Lily's favorite catchphrase

7. And Marshall's

himym-lawyered.gif(Narrowly beating "Come again for Big Fudge?")

8. Lily is kind of hot for Robin

himym-lily-and-robin.gifA tiny little kiss in Season 1's "Best Prom Ever" led to a years-long semi-obsession for Lily. Alyson Hannigan always nailed the oh-I'm-cool-with-it-but-not-really aspect of her attraction.

9. The salute

General Sfan!

You use the word "major" or "general" as an adjective, you get a salute from Ted and Robin with the modified noun as the officer's name.

10. The goat

himym-goat.jpgMissy, a goat Lily rescues from being butchered, beats Ted up in the apartment on his 31st birthday. The buildup was perhaps better than the payoff, but a goat beating Ted up is still pretty funny.

Which "HIMYM" bits are your favorites?
Photo/Video credit: CBS