'How I Met Your Mother' Season 8: Ashley Williams returning as Victoria

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ashley-williams-how-i-met-your-mother.jpgIt appears that Season 8 of "How I Met Your Mother" will pick up -- or at least revisit -- where Season 7 left off.

The show has retained Ashley Williams for a multi-episode arc this season, beginning with the Sept. 24 season premiere, TVLine reports. That makes some sense, since Season 7 ended with her character, Victoria, skipping out on her wedding to run away with Ted ( Josh Radnor).

The last we saw of them, though, Ted was driving back to the church so Victoria could tell her soon-to-be ex-fiance what's going on.

Victoria has long been a fan favorite among Ted's exes -- but as the show moves toward its ending ( maybe this season, maybe next), she could become just another obstacle on Ted's way to meeting his future wife.

Williams is the second familiar face to book a return to "HIMYM" this season. Michael Trucco ("Fairly Legal") will also recur as the object of Robin's ( Cobie Smulders) affections, reprising a role from a couple seasons ago.
Photo/Video credit: CBS