'How I Met Your Mother': The gang briefly, brilliantly forms a band

himym-band.jpgAt the beginning of the April 18 episode of "How I Met Your Mother," Barney ( Neil Patrick Harris) is still desperately trying to impress his father (returning guest John Lithgow). And what's more impressive than being in a band?


Not content with giving his friends fake jobs and personalities Barney tells Jerry they're also in a band. Cue the greatest "HIMYM" credit sequence of all time (below).

Breaking from the usual party photo montage set to a snippet of "Hey Beautiful" (a song by co-creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays' band The Solids), "Hopeless" swapped the normal titles for a fantasy sequence of the gang lip-syncing the tune in Ted ( Josh Radnor) and Robin's ( Cobie Smulders) living room.

Between that, their Stefan-esque discussion of New York clubs and a flashback featuring the origins of "Legendary" and Lithgow in a roadie wig, we're ready to call this second half of Season 6 as one of the greatest runs in the show's history. Bring on the finale!

Photo/Video credit: CBS