'How I Met Your Mother's' Cristin Milioti: 'It's worth not knowing' the secrets before watching the series finale

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cristin-milioti-the-talk.jpg"How I Met Your Mother" finally revealed some long-kept secrets about the Mother ( Cristin Milioti) in its 200th episode, "How Your Mother Met Me." But while the episode served as a Mother 101 course, fans still haven't seen the first encounter between her and Ted ( Josh Radnor).

And Milioti still can't reveal anything.

"I have signed a Bible's worth of nondisclosure documents," Milioti says on CBS' "The Talk" on Monday (Feb. 10). "The show is in excellent hands. ... It's going to be such an amazing thing to watch unfold, especially for people who have been with it for nine years. It's worth not knowing."

Watch a clip from her interview below:

Photo/Video credit: CBS